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Energy Saving

Various technologies now exist that can help reduce the power consumption of your company and contribute towards reducing your Carbon Footprint.

As a business you need to extract as much value out of the energy consumed by your business as possible in an effort to remain competitive and to reduce your Carbon output to comply with tougher and tougher legislation.

We can help you reduce your energy consumption in a number of ways.

1. Have you ever heard of Voltage Optimisation? This is a proven technology that will actually reduce your supply voltage from around 240V to around 220V. Most equipment today is designed to run at an optimum voltage of 220V, anything above this is used for no noticeable/useful gain in performance and is just wasted in heat (in a light bulb for example) or heat and vibration (in an electric/induction motor). The added benefit of this reduction in voltage is to extend the lifespan of most equipment; the life of an incandescent light bulb for example can be doubled by this reduction in "pressure". A further added advantage of these systems is the protection of your workplace from "spikes" on the incoming supply.

There are a number of suppliers of Voltage Optimisation equipment. We can help guide you through the nightmare of selecting which offering is best for you. Additionally, we can arrange to supply and install the equipment on your behalf or simply carry out an independent inspection of the site after installation works has been completed by others.

2. Low Consumption Lighting - we can refit your office or building with modern "low consumption" light fittings. If necessary this work can be carried out outside of normal working hours to minimise any disruption to your business.

The use of low wattage lamps combined with modern technology, using Infra Red or Microwave occupancy sensors together with photo cells to detect when sufficient ambient light is present, will reduce your power consumption and greatly enhance your working environment.

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